An Invitation to Learn, Share, and Create Improvement Together
Creating Improvement Focus:  Finding the Opportunities and Aligning the Organization with a good Annual Improvement Plan

Bring more value to your organization by helping focus and align the organization on needed improvement and continue to build a culture of quality improvement.  As you evaluate joining your QI peers, please keep in mind some things you and your organization can gain with the training and application:

  • An annual continual quality improvement plan with
    • Measurable Outcomes for the organization and customers
    • 3-8 projects, to create the needed outcomes (teams with draft gap, goal, team members, timeline, and approach)
  • Training & Co-leading (on-site) the improvement planning process and data evaluation techniques
  • Increased understanding of the organization and customers’ improvement wants, needs, and improvement opportunities
  • One-on-one application coaching time
  • Significant increase in the ability to lead the organization’s continual quality improvement activities (yearly)
  • 34 hours of continued education
  • Potential PHAB accreditation domain evidence (1,4,5,7,8,9,11)

Click here to listen to the experience, benefits, and recommendation from New Orleans Health Department participation in this importance of improvement planning and training, application, and coaching

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