IMPLEMENTING, Achieving the Results, and Continually Improving

Results not achieved in practice? Results erode over time? Cannot feel or measure the result?

Takes forever to install?

Different team members perform differently?

Team members who participated frustrated because their improvement effort went for naught?

The improvement does not continue?


Our Approach:  Using step by step processes to make sure that the improved process is successfully installed with

  • Fast result approaches – like Kaizen Events, see examples 
  • Effective & efficient team and improvement project management
  • A process to implement and continually improve

Install 2

Implementation / Install Process (click on image or here)

  1. Create a process that is reliable, standardized and with clear accountability
  2. Teach the new process effectively (Tell, Show, Do, Recycle)
  3. Define and operationalize measures and targets; track performance
  4. Create a feedback mechanism for questions and ideas; resolve problems and incrementally improve
  5. Coach performance; feedback and consequences


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