Improvement Methods

Do all members of your organization have broad knowledge of value and waste? Are they able to see opportunities?

Does everyone have a standard skill set that enables them to work as a team and solve daily work process problems?

Do you have skilled Continual Improvement practitioner(s) that can select the right method for the right opportunity?

Do you effectively and efficiently use the methods to identify, test, learn, and install solutions?

Our Approach:

We teach and coach reliable and systematic approaches Standardized Work_edited 2(Blended model of Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management, Knowledge Management, and
Team performance methods)
that engage team members to increase effectiveness and efficiency of products and services; solving the challenges of, growth, customer satisfaction, cost reduction, building of capabilities.

  • Affirmatively adding value for customers
  • Find and eliminate waste in micro and macro processes
  • Build team based performance
  • Share and re-use knowledge
  • Create a information/data-based problem solving culture
  • Create measurable results

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EducationRoadmap 2016_06_22:


  • Coaching others to enable them to do it
  • Personally leading the application of methods

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