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Let’s Learn and Share Together

Come join the Public Health Continual Quality Improvement Community! The Community of Practice for Public Health Improvement (COPPHI): Open Forum for Quality Improvement in Public Health is April 19-21, 2017 in New Orleans. The Open Forum is a great setting to help share, learn, improve yourself, and gather improvement successes for your organization. You will have access to 3 pre-conference workshops, 15+ breakout sessions/workshops, success story sharing, and network opportunities with more than 200 quality improvement peers.


Continual Impact has the privilege of sharing two important improvement topics:

  • A pre-conference workshop: Creating Improvement Focus: Finding the Opportunities and Aligning the Organization  

Underutilized potential of our employees is one of the biggest forms of waste. This workshop will share the Improvement Planning process and methods designed to use the collective thinking power of all employees; “top down and bottom up” to improve the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. See the approach to find the opportunities, prioritize them, and align improvement objectives AND supporting strategies and tactics. All 4 phases of the Improvement Planning process, and methods utilized, will be explored in an interactive manner with attendees. You can read more information about the session here.

  • Registration is required and limited. We hope you can join us.


  • A breakout session: Communicating to Effectively Manage Change

Come learn structured approaches to effectively communicating change so that communications are tailored to stakeholders and address specific concerns to reduce fears, concerns, anxiety and increase understanding, acceptance, and support. In this session, you will:

  • Understand the concepts of change
  • Learn communication and change management techniques
  • Practice applying communication techniques.


We look forward to seeing you in April!

 Continual Impact LLC, 2017

Talk to us: What continual improvement topics are you interested in?