Create Improvement Focus

Sharing, teaching, and learning how to Create Improvement Focus  during this year’s Lean Summit.


Underutilized potential of our employees is one of the biggest forms of waste.  In the absence of a structured planning process we often spend time brainstorming areas to improve, may not be working on the highest potential8-4-bujak-6 areas, have to convince teams that improvement methods and techniques can be beneficial, and are not getting employees involved in the needed improvements and their successful installation into the culture.  Hoshin Kanri (the planning process of interlocking improvement cycles) approaches systematically the development and linking of plans from organizational vision to operational tactics; from leadership to individual contributors.

This workshop shared the Improvement Planning process and methods designed to use the collective thinking power of all employees; “top down and bottom up” to align objectives AND the supporting strategies and tactics for pursuing the goals.

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