Seeing the Big Picture to Prioritize More System-Wide Opportunities; Live Webinar

August 20; 90-minutes; 11:00-12:30 EST (Registration deadline: August 14)When things are not performing as desired, everything cannot be fixed; VSMs and EVSMs help you find the important gaps.

VSM: Value Stream Map, A high-level map from supplier to customer and all locations, people, and activities in between them

EVSM: Extended Value Stream Map, A high-level map from supplier’s suppliers, internal locations, people, and activities to customers and customer’s customers

Today’s goal is to understand how to see your end to end operations, systems, or departments so that you can identify and prioritize system-wide improvements that can bring transformational changes.
By (agenda):
1. What are VSM, EVSM
2. Benefits of these maps
3. How to create and get value from these maps.

$50 per person.

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