Coaching & Mentoring

Routine coaching & mentoring to become skilled continual improvement practitioners who can coach the overall improvement process and execute a wide variety of improvement, change, and project management methods.

Provide coaching in training, during application, helping practitioner to summarize lessons learned and provide developmental directions.

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Team Development

Diagnostic of team effectiveness compared to a model of team performance; problem solving and improvement actions including team chartering, decision making skills, communication strategies, Mission/Values/Norms creation, and change planning.

CI Infrastructure

Guide the development and execution of improvement roll out plans; Set up of an execution structure including Leadership team, Community of Champions/practitioners, measurement system, key role profiles and development plans.

Setting up an execution structure including project team creation, execution plan creation, measuring for progress, guiding implementation, sharing best practices, providing feedback and extracting lessons learned.

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Method Certification

Establish standards, assess candidate performance and provide feedback for improvement method certifications.

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Best Practice Collaboration

Setting up systems for best practice sharing and replication of improvements to other areas.

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