When you encounter a particularly difficult opportunity or are in need of methods that are not currently part of your expertise, we can work to help your teams achieve significant and positive impact & results.

Our Team has a broad range of application experience including different types of organizations, a variety of products and services and both direct and enabling value streams. The Team has extensive knowledge in:

  • Assessing, diagnosing, and identifying opportunities; Creating improvement plansSupport
  • Applying continual improvement methods (e.g. Kaizen, 5S, Mistake Proofing, Flow), Foundational techniques (e.g. Goal Setting, Gathering Practical Knowledge, Standardized Work), team development and change management methods (e.g. Stakeholder Analysis and Communication strategies)
  • Tracking results and “operationalizing” the changes

We have created an integrated Model of improvement including Quality, Lean and Six Sigma that allows us to be comfortable working in your existing improvement programs.

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