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Continual improvement is all about engaging, empowering all organization members in actively improving their workplace and work processes every day, in order to achieve sustainable success beyond historical norms and what is even thought possible…



DSC_0159Improvement Champions (those specially selected to lead the effort to embed improvement in the organization) receive education in a tell / show / do / recycle training framework. This framework enables you to hear about the background of the topic, see an example, perform a classroom exercise and get feedback on its application. Each participant will apply learnings directly to their work problem, during the courses.





Education Goal: To obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead teams through all phases of the improvement cycle by effective use of improvement concepts, methods, and job aids

So that:

  • Measurable improvements and benefits are achieved in the targeted projects
  • The rate of quality improvement and benefits to customers can be accelerated
  • Champions continue to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities in Improvement
  • More people are enabled and engaged in improvement activities

Education may be grouped or received individually.