Continual improvement is all about engaging, empowering all organization members in actively improving their workplace and work processes every day, in order to achieve sustainable success beyond historical norms and what is even thought possible…

Continual problem solving and improvements come from engaging and involving any and all employees.  Our education may be grouped or received individually.

  • Introduction to Improvement – Seeing the Possible
  • Individual Contributor – Essentials for Participating a Culture of Improvement
  • Project Teams – Essentials for Participating a Culture of Improvement
  • Working with Others – Communication skills


Goal is to provide all members of the organization the foundational improvement knowledge & skills to identify, evaluate, and implement individual or small team workplace and work process improvements and better participate in larger improvements such as Kaizen events.

So that:

  • Your organization becomes more efficient and effective
  • Your organization nurtures a culture of quality improvement
  • All team members are improving their work any day / every day
  • All team members are able to identify the need for QI support and participate