CI University

You have the honor and privilege of helping teams in the organization create significant improvement. As an in-house expert in leading specific improvement methods, this training, coaching, application and certification of methods achieves targeted outcomes more efficiently and effectively. No more small incremental changes or long, drawn out, exploratory projects!

Benefits: For You, the team, and the organization

  • Professional skill development; more knowledge, skills, abilities, & confidence that that are valuable to you, your team, and your organization and can be applied & over
  • Increased effectiveness of solutions, ownership, team engagement and pride
  • Improvement efforts that create faster, easier, and larger results
  • Continual return on training and certification investment

Framework: Following Project Leader certification

Training: 16-80 hours of classroom training (varies by method) 

Application: a) In-classroom exercises and begin applying the method to an actual organization opportunity, b) In-organization application immediately after training

Coaching: On site co-leading of initial application to achieve results and learn, provided by Continual Impact

Certification: Following the successful completion of training, implementation and method documentation, results, use of method, and team survey. Each method has its own certification. Certification involves a comprehensive continual improvement body of knowledge focused on learning and applying methodologies, engaging people, managing change, and creating immediate and long-lasting benefits.


Training, Application, Coaching, and Certification in 9 Improvement Methods:

  1. 5S + Visual Controls
  2. Innovation
  3. Kaizen
  4. Mistake Proofing
  5. One-Piece Flow (with Takt time and Kanbans)
  6. Quick Change, Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
  7. Six Sigma (Black Belt)
  8. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  9. Value Engineering (VE) and Design for Excellence (Df(x))

Who Should Participate:  Anyone responsible for leading and facilitating teams through complex problem resolution using continual improvement methods.

Knowledge and Skills Gained:

  • Deep understanding and use of continual improvement, lean, and six sigma concepts and methods with multiple templates to facilitate the use of each method
  • Ability to recommend the right method and lead problem-solving diverse teams through more advanced and technical improvement methods
  • Help the team through change management and project barriers





Gain the ability to lead more teams in solving bigger problems and creating more and better benefits (over and over)!

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