CI University

An essential key to your organization’s success and the development of your most important resource, your people, is through you as a leader. This training, application, coaching, and certification advances critical leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities to enable others to high performance.





Organization Benefits:

  • Faster progress to benefits for all customers and other stakeholders, an increased level of benefits, and an increased probability that the benefits will not only stick, they will grow
  • Faster spread of the behaviors and core skills needed by members of high performing organizations
  • Better problem solving and problem preventing, focus on the things that matter and innovating along the way
  • Ultimately, an organization on track to better perform its mission, accelerate to its vision, achieve performance beyond what is thought possible, and do it on a sustainable basis

Team and Personal Benefits:

  • Increased personal capacity of everyone you direct and yourself as a leader
  • Increased engagement, ownership, and pride in what they can achieve
  • Accomplish more as a team and between teams; Others attracted to the team
  • More knowledge, skills, abilities, & confidence that can be applied over & over, regardless of your area of responsibility, to make a bigger impact on organizations and people’s lives
  • More time adding real value


Training: 12 hours of modular classroom training (tell, show, do, recycle framework; with practice)

Application: Classroom and post-classroom  

Coaching: Personal, routine coaching & help provided by Continual Impact during training and application

Certification: Organization Leader Certification following training, application and 3-way evaluation (coach, self, team) using behavioral scorecard

 Who Should Participate:  Managers, directors, officers, or executives (Anyone who is responsible for strategic leadership of teams and the organization)

Knowledge and Skills Gained:

  • How Leaders build and support the culture
  • What is a high performing culture of improvement, Why is it important and How to achieve results
  • The importance of People and what they need for success; Core values, Knowledge/Skills/Abilities and the Setting that enables performance
  • Increased understanding and use of continual improvement, lean, and six sigma concepts and methods with >10 applicable templates and job aids

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