Success Stories

Achieving Results Greater Than What is Believed Possible


How do you significantly increase the amount of an organization’s improvement and measurable results? Get everyone’s engagement and start a culture of improvement for the future.

The Allentown Health Bureau wanted to increase their effectiveness and efficiency for their customers, the City, funders, and Bureau team members.  They started their continual quality improvement (CQI) journey and made a step change in knowledge and skills, demonstrated measurable results, engaged the entire Bureau and did it in just 9 months!

How did the Allentown Health Bureau do it?  They followed a road map consisting of these 3 steps –

STEP 1: Educate and involve everyone in improving their work every day, everywhere

STEP 2: Create immediate results in targeted areas to demonstrate the positive change that can be achieved

STEP 3: Develop an improvement structure and create organizational focus on future priority opportunities by developing strategic and annual improvement plans


What were the outcomes?   

“The rippling effect.”  Helping the team successfully solve a problem within 5 days creates many ripples – interest in replicating, interest in more Kaizen events, interest in more continual improvement.  CQI Leader

Congratulations to the Allentown Health Bureau for their hard work and dedication focused on improving themselves and the services and offerings provided to their customers.  The resulting successes from these steps were enabled due to the financial support of The Highmark Foundation.

“Keep utilizing teams, that represent a cross-section of the staff, to address specific projects and recognize that everyone’s input is essential. All of our staff have areas of expertise. (CQI. is a good example of this).” AHB staff 12/16