Success Stories

Client Feedback


Clackamas County Public Health Department in Oregon and Pam Vecellio, Continual Impact LLC, led a comprehensive Kaizen event to design and implement a customer feedback system for the entire public health division. The event re-invigorated the value of soliciting and using client feedback to guide the division’s improvements.


While a formal policy was previously created, it has become apparent that the specific process of gathering client feedback across all of the division’s programs and services has not been fully addressed. As a result, it has become a challenge to adequately review the customer satisfaction process and make improvements.  Currently, only ~5 feedback forms are received per month, from a possible 300-400 interactions per day.

Approach / Methods

  1. Established improvement goal
  2. Mapped out the process Value Stream and Sub Process Map
  3. Collected current client feedback results
  4. Conducted Kaizen event (4 days)
    1. Understand the current work processes (process maps & Going to the Gemba)
    2. Identified, analyzed wastes, and prioritized improvement focus
    3. Root caused high priority wastes
    4. Identified and prioritized solutions
    5. Developed and tested solutions; learned lessons from tests; developed standardized work and training material
  5. Installed solutions and established continual improvement system for measure tracking and team feedback.


The team focused on incorporating the request for feedback as part of everyone’s daily responsibilities.  Client feedback forms have been made available at every client touch point, in different methods.  The multi-lingual feedback form was simplified, automated, and standardized.  The feedback form was put into the restaurant packet, client closures, while waiting for vouchers in the WIC clinic.  A page on the division’s website was created for the on-line feedback form.  Clients can access the form from any webpage, at the bottom of every employee’s email, and fax.


Beneficiaries What Measured How Measured Target
How Much By When Actual through May
All clients served by CCPHD Increase the # of feedback forms received The number of completed client feedback forms submitted A minimum of 128 per month (~5% of monthly contacts) March 2014 21 / mth.
Staff and PH Managers Increase the # of improvements implemented based on feedback The number of submitted feedback forms that result in process improvements being implemented within the division (longer-term goal) 3-5 process improvements implemented per year based on client feedback December 2014 3



“Part of why I support rapid process improvement is the remarkable relationships and understanding of other people’s work that you get from doing it. That can only make us better. It’s not a matter of them vs. us, it’s all of us together.”  Public Health Director, during event report out

To read more, this project summary can be found on the Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange site: Client Feedback Process