Success Stories

Developing Project Leaders

Setting up projects to be successful relies on a Project Leader who can leverage the special skills and experiences of all team members, effectively manage the project activities and tasks, and with the team achieve the project’s goals.  In this program, four Project Leaders received customized training to enable their individual and project success.


Four selected project areas involved federal, national, state, and local participation.  The complexity, high profile project scope, budget, and set timelines called for very
strong role clarity and support.  With project leaders and team members having varying levels of improvement knowledge and experiences the project sponsors wished to begin the projects with strong and capable project leaders.

Approach / Methods

  1. Education –
    • Trained the Project leaders in their role and techniques a) Managing & Communicating the change, b) Working with Others, c) Improvement cycle basics d) Measurement, e) Project Management & PrISM, f) Lessons Learned, and g) Process Installation – 2 days.
    • Trained project team members in QI and their project role – 1 day.
  2. Application
    • Assisted in project scope selection and identifying team members.
    • Facilitated Kaizen events and team working to aid the project leader and team members in achieving their goals & targets
    • Enabled the project leaders to practice the skills learned in training and get feedback on their performance.
  3. Program Coaching
    • Provided distance and on-site coaching and project support to the project leader & team


The right chart illustrates the average knowledge increase (before vs. after training) for each of the areas of focus. On the 1-5 scale, participants moved from scores of 2-3 to 4-5. pl-ss-1


  • I will actually use all of this, in my job. What was new and valuable training for me was the working with others section and the Install steps.
  • Excellent content, training, and attention to our questions.
  • Well done. Covered a lot of material in a short amount of time.