Success Stories

Involving Everyone in Improvement

Quality Improvement for Individual Contributors


11 QI Classes, to a total of 170 DOH staff with very positive results

Ratings:  85% of all participants rates the class very good or excellent!

  • Excellent – 35%
  • Very Good – 50%
  • Good – 14%
  • Fair – 1%
  • Poor – 0%

Approach / Methods

1st Qtr. 2016 – Training Review and Analysis                  March 31, 2016

The Office of Performance Improvement (OPI) at the NYS Department of Health (NYS DOH) was introduced to new curriculum by Continual Impact, LLC, called “Quality Improvement for Individual Contributors”, during our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) development week in early December 2015.  OPI was primarily focused on process improvement through Lean using Lean Awareness Training to introduce staff to Lean and Quality Improvement.

This new four (4) hour training was the first opportunity OPI had to use a curriculum which has been tested in the field and endorsed by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) to introduce staff to the general concepts of Quality Improvement (QI) using Solve, Try, Lean and Install (STLI) which mirrors the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycles of learning and improvement.   The initial results were fantastic and OPI went on to teach this QI class multiple times at every Department location.  As of the close of the 1st Quarter of 2016 OPI taught 170 staff.


  • Relevant, simple examples that are easy to understand and are from “real” life.
  • People like the fact that that they are able to work on their own problems during exercises.
  • The training was not long enough, certain parts felt rushed.

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