Success Stories

Leading Kaizen Improvements Together

Creating more organization improvement results, involvement, and excitement.  A team of improvement practitioners (Kaizen Event Leaders) in El Dorado County Health and Human Services joined together to learn and facilitate the Kaizen methodology to achieve measurable improvements.


The organization wanted to expand their improvement and Kaizen process knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to meet the challenge of providing better health outcomes for its customers (effectiveness) while providing them in an environment of fiscal challenges (effectiveness).


Approach / Methods

  1. Education
    • Trained the Event leaders in a) foundational skills used during the Kaizen methodology and b) the Kaizen process.
  2. Application
    • Co-facilitated a Kaizen event to achieve targets and enable the event leaders to practice the skills learned in training and get feedback on their performance.
    • Provided application experience and coaching in the application of selected skills during an actual Kaizen event
  3. Program Coaching
    • Provided distance coaching and program support to the team via regularly scheduled telecoms
    • Reviewed progress, extracted learning and identified next steps





The right chart illustrates the average knowledge increase (before vs. after training) for each of the areas of focus. On the 1-7 scale, participants moved from scores of 1-2 to 5-7.  Participants rated the benefit of today at 9.0 (on a 1-9 scale, 9=Greatly Benefited).













  • Taking time to improve processes, increase productivity
  • The hands on activities /demonstrations were super helpful to drive home points.
  • Identifying processes, eliminating waste, time to breakdown ‘why’s in mistakes.
  • Loved the model/terms & learning engagement; brought theory to life and practice