Success Stories

Creating and Implementing Standard Work: 35-92% Improved cycle time

Good development and implementation of standardized work by itself can quickly produce very significant positive change and benefits! In just 4 days, 3 teams, focused on 3 information processes, created process maps, standard work (standard operating procedures, SOPs), creating many templates and innovative job aids, and roll out plans. Training and implementation are 95% complete. Congratulations to the teams and for achieving more than believed possible.

Approach / Methods: 3 Teams – Procurement Process, Expenditure Review Processes, and Recruitment Processes

  1. Gather team members and process stakeholders
  2. Confirm process improvement goal and measures
  3. Identify and prepare process owners
  4. Create the current-state process map
  5. Evaluate process & data for improvement opportunities
  6. Develop & test improvements including new process map, job aids, standard operating procedures (SOP), training plans.
  7. Validate the new process & solutions
  8. Prepare for implementation (1. standard process; 2. training; 3. measures & tracking performance; 4. process to address feedback, resolve new problems, and continually improve; 5. process audit, communication, coaching)

Expected Results: The table shows expected results following training, implementation, and on-going process ownership.