Our offerings focus on adding value for your customers and improving the effectiveness and efficiency in the way value is added by eliminating wasteThey are targeted to unlock the unlimited capacity of your organizations’ most precious asset, its people, by helping them focus on identifying priority opportunities for improvement, teaching practical skills and providing a setting that gives them an opportunity to be successful and achieve measurable resultsThey are derived from an integrated model of improvement from lean, quality, six sigma, and employee engagement.

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Our team helps organizations at all levels of adoption or evolution of CI (Continual Improvement) by:

  • Developing a complete program for those relatively new to CI
  • Helping to solve implementation problems that are preventing more progress and charting the next steps for growing the effort of those that have piloted CI
  • Enhancing progress for those that are more experienced through sharing of best practices, extending to other functional areas and value streams, adding improvement skills, building the learning community and helping to embed CI in the culture
  • Using methods and expertise to solve unique and difficult problems, team, and change management issues.


Our offerings are designed to address key elements of CI including having a comprehensive planning process for finding the improvement opportunities, a robust set of problem solving methods, change management techniques, foundational CI skills, superior team performance and a learning community of practitioners. The offerings are targeted to specific roles such as leaders, supervisors, CI practitioners and individual contributors and are often followed by on-site and distance application coaching. They include the following:

  • Improvement Planning: Working with the Leadership team to evaluate the organization, find the opportunities, select the improvement approaches and manage change using the strategic and annual  planning processes
  • Establishing CI Infrastructure
    • Setting up an execution structure including project team creation, execution plan creation, measuring for progress, guiding implementation, sharing best practices, providing feedback and extracting lessons learned
    • Executing the first set of pilot CI events with your team to ensure knowledge transfer; Coaching on unique or tough problems
    • Implementing a process for embedding and continuing the improvements
    • Teaching & mentoring candidates to become skilled CI practitioners who can coach the overall CI Process and execute a wide variety of CI methods;  Position creation and selection criteria for key roles
  • Method Training & Application: (See List)
  • Team Development
    • Assessment diagnostic of their effectiveness
    • Problem solving and improvement actions including chartering
    • Decision making skills
    • Communication strategies
    • Mission/Values creation
    • Change planning
  • Best Practice Collaboration:  Setting up systems for best practice sharing and replication of improvements to other areas

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