Continual Improvement* Community Huddle
 Connect peers who are passionate about creating high performance.
For: Leaders, champions, and anyone working hard to improve their organization’s performance.
By, agenda: 1. Network with others, 2. Problem solve common gaps, 3. get new ideas, 4. Share & celebrate learnings (good and bad)
So that: 1. Help the performance of yourself, your team, & the organization, 2. Increased community sharing, learning, getting help/ideas, replicating, 3. Get practical solutions to try tomorrow, 4. Good changes are implemented faster & progress on your path to high performance is accelerated
Condition: Have some fun; 5:30-7:30 PM time frame; $20 per person
Standards (measures of success): % of participants sharing ideas & # of ideas adopted

More about the huddles    Enjoy your summer; see you in the fall!


Sept. 16     Lehigh Valley            To be determined by huddle participants                    Register

Oct. 7         Reading                    To be determined by huddle participants                    Register

TBD           Somerset, NJ area    Community & Organization assessment

* All things continual improvement including Lean, Six Sigma, Quality, Employee Engagement, Operational Excellence, or just making things better across the organization for customers, business, team members and communities.


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