Our experience and research has shown that high performing continual improvement (CI) organizations are founded on the following six key elements. (Click on image to see a video.)


High performing CI Organizations are fundamentally reliant on and powered by their People

  • Supported by a special Leadership
  • Superbly Focused on their purpose
  • Use Learning to create results
  • Implement well, installing the new way and continually improving.
  • With Improvement Methods used to empower the individual and effectively solve problems

We have created and deployed a very comprehensive Model for improvement based upon making these key elements of high performing CI organizations real.  It integrates the best of continual improvement methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma and provides techniques for engaging people, developing team performance and helping the organization make the transformation.

Our high performing improvement model process helps an organization diagnose itself, find the opportunities, identify the best improvement methods to solve problems, execute the plan, measure results, learn, and effectively install the changes. Each step of the process and each method has an approach, guidance or job aid to help the team be successful in application.

We develop a team of skilled practitioners in your organization as well as build the CI skills of the overall organization.  We employ a learning approach that tells learners about the skill, shows them examples, has them apply the skill, and then provides them feedback.  We foster knowledge transfer through classroom training, co-leading applications, distance coaching and establishing learning networks to continue to build capabilities.