Our Team subscribes to a core set of beliefs as practitioners of CI (Continual Improvement):

  • People determine what organizations accomplish and within each individual are the seeds of unlimited potential.
  • That organizations exist to affirmatively add Value for their Customers and that Waste is the biggest barrier to the advancement of individuals, organizations, and society.
  • To always operate out of respect for the individual.
  • To be helper-leaders, providing value by inspiring others to realize their true potential, striving to unlock the potential inside them.
  • When encountering problems or opportunities, to know the questions to ask and how to enable people to discover answers by providing focus, skills, and enabling their disciplined use.
  • To trust our methods because they produce measurable results and because they are based on knowledge.  We will apply them using this knowledge, improve them continuously, and replace them when new learning dictates.
  • That learning and improving are both always possible and a necessary way of life, not just something we do when challenges force us.  Therefore, we continually look for new and better ways to do every task we undertake.
  • To endeavor to inspire others through our example, always striving to personally live the principles we teach.
  • To simultaneously strive to achieve measurable success in the eyes of the Customer, Shareholders, its People, and Society.
  • The measure of our contribution as practitioners is based on whether we have elevated the capabilities of the people with whom we have worked and enabled them to realize the fullness of their potential.