The team of Continual Impact, with the support of their colleagues, has spent the majority of their careers in pursuit of learning, applying, and teaching principles and methods used to create high performance continual improvement. This includes experience in the following:


  • Applications within businesses, public health (federal, state and local levels), and government covering a variety of products and services including their direct and enabling functions.
  • Developing strategic plans; annual improvement plans; establishing continual improvement (CI) Infrastructure; personally applying and facilitating others to produce results in improvement projects and events; training of leaders, supervisors, continual improvement practitioners and individual contributors; building ongoing communities of practice for continued learning.
  • The team has extensive knowledge in CI methods having personally applied the methods numerous times to achieve results, in a variety of circumstances, developed learning materials, taught them to new practitioners and coached application performance.

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Chris Bujak

DSC_0141_edited-1Previous experience:

Global Director of Continuous Improvement (CI) for a Fortune 200 company

  • Responsibility for leading the global roll out of an integrated, “One Company”, Continuous Improvement (CI) Model and Process
  • Primary architect of the CI Model and Process; Synthesized together the methodologies of Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma and the concept of high performing learning organizations (HPLO) with the strategies of other corporate initiatives such as change management, and employee involvement
  • Led the multi-national deployment of the initiative including development of divisional roll out strategies and creation of infrastructure including leadership of the Global CI Center of Excellence.
  • Coached more than 20 organization units and businesses (e.g. manufacturing, homecare, corporate overhead services) with different product types (from high volume/low mix to engineer to order) and value streams through the initiation, analysis, development and execution of annual improvement plans, measurement of results, education of personnel, resolution of barriers and building a culture of improvement.
  • Significant, measurable and multi-year improvements to corporate performance and culture achieved (e.g., hard financial benefits, engagement of team members, capabilities of improvement practitioners, event/activity levels).
  • Educator, practitioner or application-level understanding of a wide range of CI methods and techniques.

General Manager, Process Systems Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Leadership of engineering and manufacturing organizations helping to improve their competitiveness

Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Sample Publications and Presentations

  • Lean Enterprise: An Alternative Approach to Commerce; Vol 1 The Model and Other Critical Knowledge, Vol 2 Leading a Lean Transformation. (to be released late 2016) (with Dr Raphael Vitalo, Vital Enterprises)
  • Building a Lean Training Curriculum. (with R Vitalo)
  • High Performance: putting the tools of continuous improvement to work, Business Excellence magazine
  • True Transformation, ASQ NEQC 57th conference
  • Getting Started—Developing and Implementing a Merged Model, gaining Buy-in and Jumpstarting the Organization; Institute for International Research, Practical Strategies to Integrate Lean and Six Sigma
  • Deming Revisited-The Real Quality Model for Commerce. R Vitalo (Contributor to content and analysis)
  • Kaizen Event Process Webinars & Awareness Sessions  – Achieving Rapid Results and Energizing the Team: The What, Why, and How of Kaizen (COPPHI/NNPHI, PHQIX)
  • What are Goal and Aim Statements and Why are They Important? (PHQIX)

Pam Vecellio


Previous experience:

Continuous Improvement Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt for a Fortune 200 company.

  • Project manager for creation of an integrated continuous improvement model including Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma, and other critical elements such as learning, leadership, and people involvement.
  • Responsibility for deploying the improvement model including developing training materials and teaching others.
  • Coached and mentors businesses and enabling functional leaders and improvement champions in the application of the model including organization analysis, creating improvement plans, and delivering benefits in Human Resources, Procurement, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities and Property Management, and Home Healthcare.

Regional Director of Reimbursement, Order to Cash Process Manager, and District Manager, Home Healthcare

  • Led a key improvement project (across 67 locations) resulting in significant days sales outstanding (DSO) improvement, increased customer and employee satisfaction through applying value stream mapping, process mapping, kaizen and flow to the ordering, billing, and collections processes.

Supply Chain Planner (Industrial Chemicals), Billing Manager (Home Healthcare), Project Manager (small and large projects including IT system installation), and Business Manager (Gaseous Hydrogen)

  • Led people engagement and business improvement.

Bachelor of Science degree in Quantitative Business Analysis from The Pennsylvania State University.

Sample Publications and Presentations

  • Kaizen Event Process Webinars & Awareness Sessions  – Achieving Rapid Results and Energizing the Team: The What, Why, and How of Kaizen (COPPHI/NNPHI, PHQIX)
  • Working Together to Improve the Public Health Enterprise in The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (ASTHO)
  • Helping Vital Records do Better – Perspectives from Continual Impact LLC (NAPHSIS) 

Dr. Raphael L. Vitalo

Raphael L. Vitalo received his doctorate in psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He has authored over 50 professional articles, technical reports, and chapters in the areas of psychology, organizational consulting, work process improvement, information systems, and artificial intelligence. Over his 25 years of consulting experience, he has designed, managed, and implemented over 350 projects serving public and private companies in the areas of organizational effectiveness, performance management, workforce productivity, business process reengineering, knowledge engineering, information systems design, and expert systems development. Dr. Vitalo has trained Kaizen leaders in the United States and Europe. He has been the lead consultant in designing and implementing a number of multi-year CI projects in human services and the private sector. One such project was a 10-year CI initiative using Working With Others productivity improvement sessions that yielded a return on investment of 9.6 to 1 in just its first year and was credited by the business itself for adding 5% productivity improvement every year of its operation. Another multi-year effort applied Lean/CI approaches in mental health treatment. This initiative improved the success of treatment outcomes by 31% (from 70% to 92%), reduced dropout from treatment by 50%, expanded the number of people served with the same level of staff by 20%, and produced a per unit cost of care that was 56% below the national average. Dr. Vitalo has co-authored the Kaizen Desk Reference and trained Kaizen leaders in the United States and Europe. Dr. Vitalo is currently the president of Vital Enterprises.