Achieving Results Greater Than What is Believed Possible

  How do you significantly increase the amount of an... View Full Story »

Client Feedback

Clackamas County, Oregon and Pam Vecellio, Continual Impact LLC, led a comprehensive Kaizen event to design and implement a customer feedback system for the entire public health division. The event re-invigorated the value of soliciting and using client feedback to guide the devision's improvements. View Full Story »

Starting to Improve: Education & Planning

Using a “Tell-Show-Do-Recycle” learning structure, provided Albany County Department of Health improvement training and coaching at all levels in preparation for PHAB Accreditation. View Full Story »

Developing Project Leaders

Setting up projects to be successful relies on a Project Leader who can leverage the special skills and experiences of all team members, effectively manage the project activities and tasks, and with the team achieve the project’s goals. In this program, four Project Leaders received customized training to enable their individual and project success. View Full Story »

Strategic & Annual Improvement Planning

Facilitated the creation of Bethlehem Health Bureau's Strategic and annual improvement plans. View Full Story »

Improving Data Flow

Death Data Delivery Decrease time to transfer applicable and accurate... View Full Story »

Eliminate Administrative Time

Food Inspection Administrative Processes Tazewell County Health Department and Pam... View Full Story »

Getting Customers the Right Information – Fast!

Improving Requests for Information Process We have all experienced the... View Full Story »

Involving Everyone in Improvement

Quality Improvement for Individual Contributors Results 11 QI Classes, to... View Full Story »

Kaizen Success as a Community

Kaizen Event Leaders Program The Program provided training and Kaizen... View Full Story »

Leading Kaizen Improvements Together

Creating more organization improvement results, involvement, and excitement.  A team... View Full Story »

Learning and Leading Together

Gap The objective of the Kaizen for public health institutes... View Full Story »

Everyone Improving, Everyday

Quality Improvement for Everyone Improving what I do in my... View Full Story »

22 Organizations Learning Together

QI Leaders Academy Program   The goal of the program... View Full Story »

Rapid Conversion: Strategies into Action

Secrets to a speedy culture shift include 1. engaged and... View Full Story »

Purchasing Process Efficiencies

Requisition Process:  Increasing Purchasing process efficiencies The Department of Health,... View Full Story »

Creating and Implementing Standard Work: 35-92% Improved cycle time

Good development and implementation of standardized work by itself can... View Full Story »

Standardizing AND Improving Processes Create Significant Benefits

Greater than 50 team members worked together to not only... View Full Story »

Supply Ordering Process

Supply Ordering Process Johnson County Department of Health and Environment... View Full Story »

Working Together – Federal, State, and Local

Quality Improvement (QI) Forum – Cross-Jurisdictional* Improvement Program *A cross... View Full Story »