One-on-One Coaching Help


Improving you own professional performance is unique and special to you. In your role (as a future or current leader, continual improvement practitioner, or individual performer), coaching helps provide advice and guidance in a confidential, objective, and one-on-one fashion.


We are so excited to work together! 

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The structure is 2 hours per month via calls, email, and face to face (if possible). You raise the topic of focus and together we work through obstacles, actions, and results. However, if you run into something of a daily nature, give us a call or email. We provide guidance and advice, on the spot education, access to informative articles and templates to use, and a bit of “coaching Kata” for mentoring.

What you get

  • A focus on helping you and your performance
  • A coaching process to together work through challenges
  • A Continual Impact coach with decades of experience in studying, educating, applying and coaching individuals and organizations to higher performance. Our Mission is to transfer this knowledge to you and your organization to increase focus and accelerate your personal effectiveness and organization impact.
    • A listener, coach, challenger, and helper
    • Diversity of thoughts and ideas in areas in which you are unfamiliar; good practices
    • Help further develop your leadership and teaming skills and ability to manage change
    • Problem-solving assistance, methods, templates; help in developing solutions and continually improving
    • Resolve problems faster, easier, and with better quality
  • Membership to the Continual Improvement Community


$2,500 / year


“Thank you for infusing challenge, excitement and thought-provocation into the last years of my work life. I had forgotten how uplifting this type of stimulation could be.” CI Champion


“Chris and Pam are invaluable as coaches, mediators, leaders, change managers, cheerleaders, and they ensure results are achieved.” CI Leader