Continual Improvement Community Huddles

As a professional, there are many options to continue growing your skills and abilities; we attend conferences, hear guest speaker, email good practices, read books, LinkedIn articles, and listen to TED talks. As an Improvement professional how else can we grow? Years ago, we ran a CI community of practice for 350 CI practitioners (inside one organization). The meeting, sharing, replication, and increased speed of improvements was incredibly powerful. Now, peers ask, “How do we get that again?”. A big question! One answer – Continual Improvement Community Huddles.   

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT (CI): making things better across the organization for customers, business, team members and communities with the help of Lean, Six Sigma, Quality, Employee Engagement, Operational Excellence methods to achieve results greater than historical norms and more than what is believed possible

COMMUNITY:  feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

HUDDLE: gathering together to share and learn practical solutions to help you and your organization accelerate performance

CI community huddles are in progress with a schedule to continue connecting the CI network.

 The Goal of the improvement huddle:

To: Connect peers who are passionate about creating high performance

For: Leaders, champions, and anyone working hard to improve their organization’s performance

By: (agenda)

  • Meet others with similar passion and purpose
  • Problem solve common gaps or topics
  • Identify and share improvement ideas
  • Share and celebrate learnings (good and bad)

So that: (benefits)

  • Help the performance of yourself, your team, & the organization
  • Increased community sharing, learning, getting help/ideas, replicating
  • Get practical solutions to try tomorrow
  • Good changes are implemented faster and progress on your path to high performance is accelerated

Condition: Have some fun

Standards: (measures of success)

What               How Measured                                                      Target   Result

Participation    % of participants sharing ideas, suggestions, tips  100%  100%

Benefits           # of ideas adopted                                                   >75%  TBD

What huddle members enjoyed

  • Connecting and networking with like-minded people
    • People and ideas from all aspects of a company
      • Meeting with amazing and energetic people
  • Environment and open discussion, especially cool stuff & opportunities shared
    • The ice breakers and group involvement when sharing best practices
      • “Can we meet more often?”


To join the continual improvement community add your name to the invite list and find CI improvement huddle dates and locations @