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There is much that can be done, RAPIDLY, to help you achieve, NO, exceed your goals!

Achieving more than historical norms and more than what is believed possible…This is our aim, here at Continual Impact! Yep, this is what we help teams do – achieve more! Whether you are trying to administer more COVID vaccinations or provide more services and products, more can be accomplished in less time, with more capacity, and better quality.


An Environmental Health Director said, “Our work processes are good; there is little to improve. I dare you  to find a 30% improvement in our processing time.” With improvement facilitators (external to Environmental Health) and her team they improved their work process time by 88% AND the improvements were live in 5 days. They got caught up, took on more work, and continued to accomplish more easier, even with less resources (a maternity leave and out-of-state transfer).


We’ve tried everything. We need to wait for funds to automate“, said a data processing leader. With improvement facilitators and her team they improved their manual work process time from 99 days to 9 days. “Now the process flows, less errors, short wait times, and happier customers and team members!”


Yes, COVID has amplified process problems. The struggles are real. Customer demand, Inventory, and Service/Product delivery are NOT balanced. Processes are not flowing. Wait times are long. Team members are not available or knowledgeable.


We are here to testify and offer help. There is much that can be done, RAPIDLY, to help you achieve, NO, exceed your goals!

Slash COVID vaccine times - Continual Impact

Check out this 30-minute webinar video exploring approaches to significantly slash COVID vaccination process times. These approaches apply to all types of processes.

1. Create reliable processes to get stability.

2. Apply advanced improvement methods to rapidly increase capacity, speed, and quality.

3. Share learnings and good practices. Adopt/Replicate to spread successes faster!