Quality Awareness & Stress Prevention Month and Learning Opportunities

Quality Awareness & Stress Prevention Month Let’s recognize world QUALITY AWARENESS…

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Implementing Changes So They Stick: Is it Trick or Treat?

TRICKS Ever have any of these problems when rolling out…

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The Power of Continual Quality Improvement to Create Extraordinary Benefits

The Goal: To understand the power and impact continual quality…

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Effective & Impactful Training

The Gap – – People need on-boarded faster I Professional development doesn’t just happen…

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Pandemic Demands and Downturn: Making the Most of What You Have

It is a time of concern and unprecedented change. Challenges…

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Creating a Bigger Impact: Building on Your PDCA Skills

You have been using the 4-step improvement cycle of Plan…

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Achieving Accreditation, Reaccreditation &/or Improving Performance

Helping you accomplish goals faster, easier, and with better quality…

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Using Quality Improvement to Improve Internal & External Coordination & Referrals

New Orleans Health Departments continues to benefit from using the…

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Continual Improvement Roles & Responsibilities

There are opportunities for everyone to be engaged in continual…

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Making an Impact

See the Improvement Leaders Academy impact on customers, team members,…

QI Leaders Academy Report

Elevating Business and Societal Success

Lean Enterprise: An alternative approach to commerce book preview  

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Building a Lean Training Curriculum

This monograph describes the proper approach to building a lean…

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Deming Revisited: The Real Quality Model for Commerce

“As I dug into his works, I discovered an alignment…

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Kaizens’ role in building the high-performing organization

“If allowed its full impact, the broad application of Kaizen…

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Lean, Six Sigma, and Kaizen Compared (Origins, Model, and Scope)

“In this article, I will share what my research has…

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