Engaging team members during this overwhelming time

Engaging team members during this overwhelming time

Your team is off-site, on-site, asked to pick up other work, managing re-assignments, performing 2 jobs. Oh My Goodness – how do you have time to engage in quality time with every team member?!

Team member engagement – an investment in your team? Certainly.


What an incredible return on your investment in time! Less stress ⭐ More focus and energy⭐ Increased openness and trust ⭐ Faster problem solving and decision making ⭐ More pride in work ⭐ Retention!! ⭐ and Increase productivity and capacity!

Engaged employees - Continual Impact

Where to invest your engagement time?

Embed team engagement into work routines.

In Daily Work

Organization Direction

  • Create listening posts, evaluate, and act (timely), Communicate actions.
  • Include others in creating plans, i.e., gathering data, evaluating data and making decisions. Learn more in Strategic & Annual Planning
  • Involve others (customers, team members, suppliers, partners) in improvement projects. Establish goals, provide support, and remove barriers.
  • Plan and provide workforce develop learning and sharing opportunities. “We are investing in you because you are valuable.”

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As you give these a try – please share so that you can be recognized and we can learn from your success!