Yes, you can have fun at work and achieve more than is believed possible, together.  If work is not fun, rewarding, and meaningful team members will become disengaged. Disengagement can be very harmful – lack of attention to details and safety, and a drain on other team members.  Neither high-performance and fun can be truly sustainable if not together.

6 Ways to Have FUN and work at HIGH PERFORMANCE:

Team Huddles

1.  Engage everyone in team huddles to collectively share problems, solve problems together, and implement the ideas from those who do the work everyday. In projects involve those who will receive the changes to increase commitment and ownership.


2. As a Leader knock down barriers and move aside so that your team’s skills and pride in work performance can shine through. Trust your team. Evaluate your culture too with tarot cards; now that is something! Link to tarot cards.


3. Take a breather; whether it is a vacation or a 10-minute walk away from your desk. Innovative ideas and solutions to your problems struggle to surface when minds are all consumed with the next task.


4. Use evidence-based methods and techniques to eliminate nagging, energy-draining problems. These methods are specifically designed to engage team members in fixing problems easier, faster, and create high-performance that sticks. Link to methods.

Working with Others

5. Participate! Join your team in an improvement event or taking a gemba walk to see how work is being performed and how to help. When implementing a change use friendly competitions or games to make the change fun and increase adoption.

Continual Impacthi res 1 - CI

6. Spend time with someone different.

Continually learn and develop more skills. Time with others can generate diverse ideas and help renew your energy. Link to talk. Consider joining a community with similar goals and aspirations. Link to improvement community

As you give these a try – please share so that you can be recognized and others learn from your success!