Improve working with others skills = Improve your business

Can you go home and say today was a great day? Making a great day involves every person on your team having and using some critical skills (see the list in the attached table). During the September Nine o’clock club we focused on the 1st skill – Working with Others communications. Good working with others skills improve relationships and trust with customers, team members, and everyone; conversations end in a constructive and positive manner. Some organizations have realized 20% productivity solely by improving working with others communications.


The 4 communication techniques practiced at the Nine o’clock meeting

  1. Clarifying: discover what a person is thinking and why he/she is sharing
  2. Confirming: make sure you have understood the person
  3. Providing constructive criticism: share a concern about another person’s idea
  4. Hitchhiking: build on another person’s idea


“Thank you SO MUCH! I think I speak for many if not all to say that this was one of the most valuable Nine O’clock Club workshops I have ever attended.”  Meeting participant

If you cannot go home saying today was a great day, let’s talk and help you and your team have more great days.

Continual Impact LLC, 2018