CI University

As the in-house expert for all improvement activities, the organization is looking to you for leadership, teaching, establishing the infrastructure, also coaching and guidance. Yep, this is your role – helping your organization become high-performing! This training, application, coaching, and certification provides knowledge, skills, and ability to create a high-performing culture where everyone is engaged in creating improvement – every day, everywhere.

Framework: Following Continual Improvement Champion certification

Training: 40 hours of classroom training in creating and executing annual improvement plans and creating transformational change (class examples & application practice between modules)

Application: Guiding the development and execution of the organization’s annual improvement plan. This is followed by working with leadership team to a) monitor and communicate progress, b) resolve barriers to change, c) provide guidance in method application and personally lead select applications, d) ensure knowledge, skills, and abilities grow in everyone, and e) plans are accomplished with benefits achieved or exceeded.  

Coaching: Co-leading initial plan followed by personal coaching and technical assistance provided routinely by Continual Impact, for a year.

Certification: Following training, creating & accomplishing 1st year’s plan. Certification involves a comprehensive continual improvement body of knowledge focused on learning and applying methodologies, engaging people, managing change, and creating immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Who Should Participate:  Anyone responsible for leading the journey to a culture of improvement

Knowledge and Skills Gained:

  • Deep understanding and use of culture, change, and continual improvement, lean, and six sigma concepts and methods with >30 applicable templates to guide you.
  • Data analysis to identify priority improvement opportunities in customer, organization, employee, and process data.
  • Ability to coach, lead, and measure hoshin kanri planning methods and facilitate organization leaders in annual plan creation and follow through to results
  • Understanding and experience in establishing an improvement support structure of decision making, resources, measurement and learning
  • Ability to coach and mentor everyone – leaders, CI Champions, project leaders, individuals

Training Modules 

Module 1: Creating the Culture

  • CI Leader role and skills
  • Establish culture road map, current assessment, and change strategies
  • Understand and establish the structure, roles, and setting for success

Module 2: Creating focus and alignment

  • Prepare current state data, analysis, and identify opportunities
  • Create annual plans to achieve customer and organization outcomes, identify goals, targets, and projects
  • Cascade and interlock plans to all team and individuals’ goals and work activities

Module 3: Leading the annual plans

  • Leading the plan throughout the year including organization structure, resources, metrics, decision making, and barrier resolution

Module 4: Managing the transformation

  • Leverage learning
  • Grow and replicate the change to continue the transformation
  • Build more knowledge, support, change / mentoring, and sharing


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