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In a high performing organization, everyone has core skills in working effectively in a team, seeing improvement opportunities, solving problems, and implementing solutions. This Individual Contributor training, application, coaching, and certification marks the first milestone on an individual’s journey to high performance. It creates and confirms an understanding of foundational continual improvement, the abilities to complete small, personal projects and generate benefits, and participate effectively in teams for even larger improvements. It helps to engage people in making improvement every day and everywhere!

Also known as Lean Six Sigma YELLOW Belt.

Benefits: For You, your team, and your organization

  • The rate of improvement benefits in daily activities is increased; more reoccurring problems are solved, and greater success is generated for your customers, team, and the organization
  • Each person has more ability to positively impact their environment and work process resulting in less stress and frustration for themselves and their teammates
  • Creates a foundation necessary for building a culture of improvement.
  • Increased engagement, work pride and ownership
  • A fast and continual return on your training and certification investment


Training: 16 hours of modular classroom training (tell, show, do, recycle approach; with practice)

Participants bring a problem to class on which to focus and practice using the practical training and coaching.

Application: Complete all phases of a project to confirm knowledge and skills and creates immediate benefit.

Coaching: Personal coaching & help during training and application (with the support of their supervisor), provided by Continual Impact

Certification: Certification following implementation and documentation of 1 project; it involves a comprehensive continual improvement body of knowledge focused on learning and applying methodologies, engaging people, managing change, and creating immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Who Should Participate:  Everyone in your organization

Knowledge and Skills Gained:

  • Understand continual improvement, lean, and six sigma concepts; personal application ability in foundational improvement methods and Working with Others skills that enable you to help solve local problems and participate in teamed activities
  • Get focus and buy-in with good goal statements; selection and definition of measures
  • Ability to see waste and value in current activities and eliminate the waste that robs performance
  • Identify and use data in problem solving for daily improvement
  • Determine the root causes of problems
  • Effectively testing and installing solutions to achieve the improvements

Training Modules:

Day 1: Introduction to Continual Improvement (training and simulation)

  • Understand and practice applying >20 continual improvement (team, lean, quality, six sigma) methods
  • Seeing the value and forms of waste in work
  • Appreciating the amount of positive change that can be made in a short time

Day 2: Understand and apply the Improvement Process (training, coaching, and creating benefits)

  • How to apply the improvement process to a project step by step (and template to help!)
  • Goal setting and measures
  • Understanding the current state; evaluating value and waste and prioritizing opportunities
  • Cause and effect analysis using 5 Whys
  • Prioritizing actions and solutions
  • Testing, learning, and installing the solutions in the workplace


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