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You have just been assigned the role of project leader or a work process owner. This training, application, coaching, and certification develops project leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities to help you lead a team through a successful improvement project, achieve their goals and create benefits.

Also known as Lean Six Sigma GREEN Belt.

Organization Benefits: Achieve project goals faster, easier, and with better results; Continual return on your training and certification investment

Team Benefits: Better focus, use of creativity and skills of team members, effectiveness of solutions that truly benefit the organization and some fun that leads to pride of accomplishment.

Personal Benefits: Professional skill development; more knowledge, skills, & confidence that can be applied over & over

Framework: Following Individual Contributor certification

Training: 32 hours of classroom training (tell, show, do, recycle framework; with practice) Participants bring a problem to class on which to focus and practice.

Application: Lead and complete an improvement project to confirm knowledge, skills, and immediate benefit creation

Coaching: Personal project coaching and feedback provided by Continual Impact (and supervisor support)

Certification: Based on training, implementation, and documentation of 1 team project and 4-way evaluation (coach & leader, self, team). Certification involves a comprehensive body of knowledge focused on learning and applying methodologies, engaging people, managing change, and creating immediate and long-lasting benefits. 


Who Should Participate: Anyone responsible for leading or guiding others through an improvement project or who is accountable for a work process and its continual improvement  

Knowledge and Skills Gained:

  • Lead a project through the phases of the improvement cycle
    • Advanced Working with Others communication and teaming skills,
    • Ability to lead a team through development of project starting point, gaps, goals, measures, timeline, steps of the improvement cycle including implementation, and A3/PrISMTM framework/storyboard
    • Effective and efficient use of methods and techniques to understand the current state and design the new improved state (including data collection, process mapping, problem solving); testing solutions; learning from trying and installing solutions; and communicating to prepare others for the changes
  • Increased understanding and use of continual improvement, lean, and six sigma concepts and methods with >20 applicable templates and job aids

Training Modules:

Day 1: Project Leadership

Day 2: Understand the current state

Day 3: Problem Solving

Day 4: Managing the Change & Continual Improving

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