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You want your team to be best they can be, collectively and individually, your boss expects high performance, and the environment is continually changing.  How do you make this happen? This Supervisor training, application, coaching, and certification helps you lead, develop, support your people, manage, and improve process performance!

Organization Benefits: Better organizational performance through work teams that achieve goals faster, easier, and with better results; Continual return on your training and certification investment
Team Benefits: Increased capacity of individuals and the work team to achieve more; engagement, ownership, and pride; work process performance that continually improves and beyond what is thought possible
Personal Benefits:
Professional skill development; more knowledge, skills, abilities, & confidence that are valuable to you, your team, and the organization


Training: 60 hours of classroom training (tell, show, do, recycle framework; with practice) A pre-training review is conducted to ensure supervisor and supervisor’s leader understand content, establish expectations for use and the role of the leader in mentoring. The training is structured in modules to minimize disruption to production. With the availability of external coaching, and the mentoring of their leader, an improvement project is completed and shared with other supervisors and organization leadership.

Application: Classroom and a personal improvement project

Coaching: Personal, routine coaching & help provided by Continual Impact during training and application

Certification: Based on training, project results and documentation, and 4-way evaluation (coach, leader, self, team)  

Who Should Participate: Anyone who observes and directs the work of others (mentors, work supervisors) in administration and operation environments; new supervisors and existing ones eager to learn more

Knowledge and Skills Gained:

  • Coaching and mentoring others to higher performance
  • Ability to help and support use of data and measures for problem solving
  • Ability to engage and involve everyone
  • Increased understanding and use of continual improvement, lean, six sigma, change concepts, and problem-solving methods with >25 applicable templates

Training Modules:

Module 1: Preliminaries and Foundations

  • Build foundational skills, a model of team performance, and the role of a supervisor
  • Working with other communication skills
  • Team and supervisor role profile creation
  • Setting goals and measuring performance
  • Model for team performance and gap identification
  • The elements of high performance

Module 2: Managing Performance

  • Achieve results through people
  • The importance and potential of people
  • Motivating and building good relations
  • Problem solving job performance issues
  • Providing feedback and dealing with issues requiring management action

Module 3: Developing team members

  • Helping others perform the job correctly and become productive as quickly as possible
  • Build a work process and gather practical process knowledge
  • Create effective standardized work
  • How to provide effective training using adult education principles

Module 4: Improving Processes

  • Help the team produce greater quantities of quality services/products in less time by improving the way jobs are performed
  • Seeing wastes in processes
  • Process for improvement
  • Problem solving
  • Managing actions and improvement projects

Module 5: Supervisor in Action

  • Supervisors share applications of training modules, project, and lessons learned
  • Development plan is established to continue learning, using, practicing, and coaching


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